Hiking Trails

Noosa Botanic Gardens

Located in the Noosa hinterland is these beautiful botanic gardens. Situated overlooking Lake MacDonald, these gardens offer unparalleled views. There are a number of tracks throughout the gardens that can be taken. Firstly, all of the tracks within the Noosa Botanic Gardens loop around; consequently you can finish where you start or lead onto another walking track. All of the walking tracks throughout the gardens are sealed and are wheelchair friendly.

At the entrance you will find a map and key parkland information. These maps are complimentary so grab one before heading off. To the left is the Amphitheatre, with breathtaking views of Lake MacDonald. This Amphitheatre is a popular spot for weddings. Continuing along the starting path are public toilets and seating facilities. From here, the path splits into different walking tracks.

These walking tracks offer a multitude of different experiences. From tropical rainforests to open grasslands and wetlands. Ducks and other various fauna are attracted to the ponds dotted throughout the gardens. Near the first pond you will hear the distinctive call of the eastern whipbird. These birds can get quite loud. And then, subsequently to the native flora and fauna there are an abundance of covered and uncovered seating available. Dotted throughout the Noosa Botanic Gardens are sculptures and boulder displays. Following this, there is also an area dedicated to young children, with a ‘Dino Dig’ sandpit where children can excavate and discover dinosaur fossils.

Additionally, there is a boat ramp located beside the Botanic Gardens, perfect for the boatie. Further, there are also additional seating and BBQ facilities and a playground for the little ones.

Lastly, more information about the gardens can be found on the Noosa council website.